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MJ Cycle started out as a bicycle parts manufacturing facility. Over time, we diversified into motorcycle parts production, as well as countless other product categories. If you need something involving the use of metal, chances are we can do it for you.

Bicycle Parts & Accessories

MJ Cycle has over 4 decades of bicycle parts design, manufacturing and quality control experience, with the technology as well as the expertise to produce some of the world’s most high-performing bicycle products. This is where everything started.

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Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycles are a natural extension of MJ Cycle’s experience and expertise in bicycles. Our motorcycle products carry the same meticulous care and attention to detail that defines every single part that leaves our factory.

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Custom Projects

MJ Cycle is a mass production factory that is well-equipped and more than capable of bringing your products to reality. We are dedicated to assisting you in every step of the process, from concept all the way to delivery.

We are a one-stop solution that simplifies your custom project, helping you save time, effort and money.

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MJ Cycle Company is a manufacturing facility that offers one-stop services to customers who require a wide range of production expertise. We have the technology, the capacity, and the manpower to bring your products from concept to reality.